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Caliko Colognes and Eau de Toilette

Do you want to smell good without paying a lot? Caliko Colognes and Eau de Toilette feature our versions of popular designer perfumes, without the designer prices!

These make perfect giveaways for weddings, baptisms and birthdays too! Ask us about our packages.

Scents to choose from:
(Please indicate the number of the scent that you want when ordering)

01 Tommy Girl (women)
02 Giorgio Armani (men)
04 Hugo Boss (men)
05 CK1 (unisex)
06 Cool water (unisex)
07 Clinique Happy (men)
08 Escape (men)
09 Agua de Gio (women)
10 Escape (women)
11 Victoria's Secret Strawberry & Champagne (women)
12 Polo Sport (men)
13 Obsession (women)
14 Pleasure (men)
15 Kenzo (women)
16 Gucci Noble (women)
17 Lacoste (men)
18 Victoria's Secret Vanilla Lace (women)
19 Victoria's Secret Pretty in Pink (women)
20 Nenuco (Unisex)
21 Tender Care (Unisex)
22 Baby Powder (Unisex)
23 Victoria’s Secret Pear Glace (Women)
24 Victoria’s Secret Amber Romance (Women)

Do check back once in a while, coz we add new scents every so often!


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