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Specialty Soaps

All the following soaps cost 80 pesos each.

Bleaching Soap: (135 gms) Gives fast and effective bleaching action. Lightens skin pigmentation, scars and other skin blemishes.

Collagen Soap: (135 gms) Helps prevent moisture loss, increases skin elasticity, giving you a younger, healthier and radiant looking skin.

Feminine Soap: (135 gms) Feminine wash bar. Cleanses, maintains natural Ph balance. Contains tea tree & lactic acid. Gently cleanses delicate areas without drying. Has a cooling effect that helps you feel clean & smell fresh all day, even during menstrual periods.

Four in One (Twirl) Soap: (135gms) A multi-action soap. Lightens skin blemishes. Prevents early aging signs. Does not dry the skin. Moisturizes skin. Helps prevent body odor.

Glycolic Soap: (135 gms) Contains alpha hydroxy acids from sugarcane and multi-fruit acids. Excellent for skin rejuvenation. Exfoliates dead skin cells, dries pimples, and removes skin blemishes.

Hypoallergenic Soap: (135 gms) Natural clear, unscented soap made of pure ingredients. Gently cleanses, doesn't dry the skin. Perfect for delicate, sensitive skin. Safe for babies.

Kojic Acid Soap: (135 gms) Purest ingredients. Whitens the skin. Helps remove spots, blackheads, and other skin blemishes.

Masculine Bar: (100 gms) This aromatherapy soap will to set loose the animal magnetism giving you the Adonis flair which will bring out the man in you!

Placenta Soap: (135 gms) Prevents further wrinkle formation. Lightens pigmentation & dark spots. Try this and feel the immediate effects.

Sulfur Soap with Salicylic Acid (135 gms)

Tomato and Milk Soap: (100 gms) Rich moisturizing soap made of goats milk that softens and nourishes the skin, & tomato that aids in skin rejuvenation.

Tretinoin Soap: (135 gms) Prevent early signs of aging such as wrinkles and age spots. Lightens skin pigmentations.

Vitamin E Soap (135 gms)

Wake Up Bar (135 gms)

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Soap: (135 gms) Made from food-grade extra virgin coconut oil. Gently moisturizes skin & leaves a protective barrier to guard against infections. Removes age spots & wrinkles.

Oil Bar: (135 gms) Simply the best way to moisturize your skin! Contains the richest natural oils to moisturize your skin inside and out.. Perfect for dry, chapped, cracked skin.

Affordable soaps at 30 pesos each:

Papaya soap (135 gms): Affordable, natural way to whiter skin. With papaya extracts.

Calamansi soap (135 gms): Affordable whitening and deodorizing soap in one.


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